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HomemediaIngraham: Left-wing Democrats turn on Dave Chappelle, Sen. Sinema because 'the mob...

Ingraham: Left-wing Democrats turn on Dave Chappelle, Sen. Sinema because ‘the mob never sleeps’

In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Thursday, host Laura Ingraham warned that the sudden 180-degree turn by the mainstream media and left-wing “mob” against comedian and actor Dave Chappelle and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are proof every American who concedes to them on one issue will eventually be targeted for not being sufficiently loyal.

Ingraham noted Sinema was praised by the media and fellow Democrats as she ran and won office in 2018 – marking the first time a Democrat has held a Senate seat in that state since former Intelligence Committee Chairman. Dennis DeConcini retired in 1994.

The host played clips of Sinema being praised for being openly bisexual, for being likeable, and as Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York said, “a dear friend.”

However, once she revealed her opposition to the multi-trillion-dollar socioeconomic overhaul dubbed Human Infrastructure, she immediately fell out of favor – earning a spot being lampooned on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and, more egregiously, harassed and filmed in a bathroom and aboard a plane.

Ingraham noted Chappelle was always a favorite of the mainstream, with his edgy and often profane comedy. She added that he was also praised for once critiquing her and “The Ingraham Angle” in one of his acts.

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However, once Chappelle spoke during a Netflix performance about how he agrees with Harry Potter creator Joanne “J.K.” Rowling that biological gender is real, despite claims from transgender activists, the “mob” came for him too.

“[They] canceled J.K. Rowling. My God. She said gender was a fact. And then the trans community got mad as [expletive],” Chappelle said of the English author.

“The mob never sleeps,” Ingraham said in response. “The same left-wing forces that built them up are trying to tear them down.”

She noted that Eric Deggans, a critic at National Public Radio, went so far as to accuse Chappelle, who is Black, of asserting “White privilege” in that situation.

“The fact is there is no satisfying the insane left but today’s Democrat Party’s spawned and projects. There’s no point in anyone trying to placate them or even paying attention to them, because there will always come a day when you’ll fall short of their constantly moving woke goalposts,” Ingraham added.


“Now, Kyrsten Sinema should know this by now. It doesn’t matter that she’s a ‘first’ that she wears fun outfits or that she voted to impeach Trump twice. That’s not enough. Now that she’s standing in the way of Democrats passing the multitrillion-dollar plan to fundamentally remake this country, well, she is leftist enemy number one.”

“Unless you are 100% compliant and ready to compromise your beliefs for every leftist crusade, they will eventually come for you anyway. Just ask Dave.”


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