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Feminist Naomi Wolf slams Biden over COVID speech: ‘Personally targeted by the president for whom I voted’

Prominent feminist and author Naomi Wolf, who as of late has been ostracized by the left over her commentary on coronavirus mitigation edicts and vaccines, told Fox Nation on Monday that she now feels personally targeted by President Joe Biden, a Democrat whom she voted for.

On “Tucker Carlson Today“, host Tucker Carlson remarked that Wolf is a lifelong liberal and civil libertarian who was suddenly condemned for offering a countervailing viewpoint than the rest of her political allies.

Wolf told Carlson that Biden’s recent speech which shocked many observers because it condemned American citizens – including her – for not agreeing with the Wilmingtonian’s strict mandates and edicts he issued to the populace.

“When you study the history of stripping people of their freedoms, what you see is that what happens to that marginalized, voiceless person out there that no one really values that much, is eventually going to happen to you unless you stand up,” she said.

“So he– the president for whom I voted, I feel personally kind of targeted by him. And a lot of people feel targeted by his last speech– firefighters are protesting these draconian mandates– ‘get vaccinated or lose your job’. Nurses, health care professionals are protesting. Teachers are protesting. And this is across the political spectrum.”

Wolf, who consulted on campaigns of Democrats like former Vice President Al Gore, noted that a president’s speeches are carefully crafted and overseen by a team of speechwriters and advisers – and that it should be even more shocking that the script Biden read was signed off on by so many people.

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“He said to us– to those of us who are unvaccinated, which is a completely personal decision, right —  ‘You are costing us. We’ve run out of patience’. – He said about the governors who are trying to protect people from forced mandates, he said, ‘we’ll get rid of you, or words to that effect’.”

“American presidents don’t talk to citizens that way.”

As a critic of the stringent socioeconomic lockdown orders across the country and of the blanket vaccine mandates, Wolf said she has been ostracized by many on the left because of her individual viewpoint – but that at the same time, she has engaged with many other Americans across the spectrum that write to her with concerns about the vaccine due to their own health conditions or autoimmune deficiencies that have scientifically and medically considered when exempting someone from a previous vaccine.


“So what I think I’m trying to say is that where you get this kind of drive to divide vaccinated from unvaccinated, and to ‘other’ them, it starts at the top,” she said, adding that it has been more than just Biden who is condemning and socially segregating people on the basis of vaccinated and unvaccinated, mentioning Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., letter to Amazon in which she voiced concern about certain books the online retailer was selling.

She said Biden’s and his allies’ “silencing” is “not what we do in America.”

“But that sets the tone for all this social pain and disruption that we’re seeing, where people in my former world– people whom I still love– feel comfortable telling people they’re not going to sit with them outside because they’re unvaccinated,” Wolf said.

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