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HomemediaClay Travis: Fauci ‘100% wrong’ on prediction college football will spike coronavirus

Clay Travis: Fauci ‘100% wrong’ on prediction college football will spike coronavirus

NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci warned of the dangers packed football stadiums would permit amid coronavirus but OutKick founder Clay Travis told “Hannity” the doctor has already been proven wrong.

“Fauci said that COVID was going to feast on college football fans because of the no masks, because of the full stadiums and he’s 100% wrong,” he said. “Fauci was wrong again.”

According to Travis, coronavirus cases have recently “plummeted” throughout the south, down nearly 60% in Florida. 


The sports media brand founder reported that southerners and sports game attendees are “living their best lives.” In Tuscaloosa, ahead of Saturday’s big Ole MissAlabama showdown, Travis said there’s a packed bar on “every other street corner.”

Clay Travis: COVID infections have dropped across the south, defying Fauci's predictions Video

“This is how we’ll get back to normalcy,” he said.

Travis also addressed the Biden administration’s push toward increased vaccination, calling new mandates “madness” and “anti-science,” and suggested the best solution would be Fauci’s resignation.

“He should resign because we need a new person to be the czar of COVID in the White House with Biden,” he said. “It shouldn’t be Fauci. He’s a disaster. I think he knows it; I’m glad he’s finally getting called on it.”

Travis encouraged sports fans during football season to “burn the masks” and “have a fun time” in order to return to normalcy once again.

“Football fans are leading us back to sanity,” he said. “I never would’ve believed it.”


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