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Media accused of parroting Hamas’ talking points on Gaza hospital blast, IDF spox says terror group ‘lying’

An Israel Defense Forces spokesperson blasted mainstream media outlets for running with Hamas’ claim that Israel was responsible for the explosion that rocked the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City on Tuesday.

“This is an organization that will butcher babies in their bedrooms, they’ll have no problem lying to you,” IDF Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said Wednesday on “Outnumbered.”

President Biden has publicly said Israel was not to blame, and the Israeli government determined the blast was caused by a rocket misfire launched by Islamic Jihad, another terrorist organization active in Gaza. But a variety of news organizations, including The New York Times and CNN, used information from the Hamas-backed health ministry in Gaza. 

Lerner sparred with a CNN host earlier in the day, accusing the network of not really wanting the “proof,” before the CNN anchor firmly pushed back. He addressed the CNN spat during his “Outnumbered” appearance that turned into a plea for journalists to carefully cover the conflict. 


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Fox News’ Greg Norman, Jacqui Heinrich and Nikolas Lanum contributed to this report.

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