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High school students walk out of class in protest of transgender bathroom policy: ‘They ignore us’

Students at a Virginia high school in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) walked out in protest of the district’s gender policy that allows non-binary, gender-fluid and transgender students to use whichever school bathrooms and locker rooms they want based on their chosen gender. 

Around 50-100 students at Woodgrove High School, in Purcellville, Virginia, participated in the walkout to protest Policy 8040, which the Loudoun County School Board implemented in 2021, ABC WJLA reported. The students said they wanted LCPS to revert to a policy that provided female and male-only spaces, including bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

“In the locker rooms in the morning it’s an invasion of privacy, as I said because when men and natural-born males are in our locker rooms, and they are showering in the morning, natural-born females can walk in there as they please,” one male high school student told WJLA. “And that is not OK. And it goes against what we believe in.”

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