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HomemediaLatest James Bond novel mocked as woke for having anti-trans, Trump-associated villain

Latest James Bond novel mocked as woke for having anti-trans, Trump-associated villain

Multiple conservative critics condemned a recent James Bond novel for vilifying former President Trump and other conservative politicians in a story about a dastardly international plot against King Charles III.

Author Charlie Higson had been authorized by Ian Fleming Publications, who own the rights to the James Bond franchise, to write a new book to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation. Higson touted that his new book, “On His Majesty’s Secret Service,” would feature “sex, violence, cars, a colorful villain with a nasty henchman, and of course, Bond himself, so well-known and yet so unknowable.”

But in early September, conservative culture critics from multiple outlets condemned the novel as yet another beloved franchise that has been corrupted by modern “woke” political messaging.

The New York Times opinion columnist Ross Douthat scorched the novel in a piece headlined “How America Made James Bond ‘Woke,’” warning that it juxtaposes a progressive version of the globetrotting spy against a caricature of conservatism, “007 is charged with protecting King Charles III from a dastardly plot hatched by a super villain,” Aethelstan of Wessex, who can be described as a “Brexiteer, a right-wing populist, apparently the true and natural heir to Goldfinger and Blofeld.”

Connery Trump

Sean Connery, playing James Bond, and Donald Trump. (Getty Images / Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

In May, Higson spoke about his book on “The Bond Experience” podcast, where he noted that rather than a “international globalist Illuminati,” the real modern equivalents to Bond villains are conservative political leaders and those who fund them.

He argued that “what is causing the most amount of instability in the world today” that spy agencies would be concerned about is “polarization of politics and the rise of this sort of populist far-right nationalism.” He went on to argue that the current “conservative government” in the UK is one such example for its “dog whistle culture war politics,” later noting that America’s equivalent, former President Trump, “has managed to completely destabilize the United States.”

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