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HomemediaJoe Rogan derides ‘woke’ military practices, jokes ‘inclusion is really important when...

Joe Rogan derides ‘woke’ military practices, jokes ‘inclusion is really important when you’re killing folks’

Podcaster Joe Rogan spoke on Wednesday about the decline of the American and British military, insisting that “woke” politics are compromising combat preparedness.

Rogan spoke to his guests, standup comedian Francis Foster and political commentator Konstantin Kisin about how far-left ideology has a destabilizing effect on numerous aspects of modern society. After Konstantin recalled that the U.S. Army is having difficulty finding physically healthy recruits, Rogan noted the American military has internal problems in that it has “kinda gone woke,” later joking “inclusion is really important when you’re killing folks.”

“This is the thing we’ve been talking about, right man?” Kisin said. “Can we just focus on what works? I want the Army to be good at killing the enemy, I don’t give a f— about how diverse they are.”

“Imagine if the UFC had to have diversity,” Rogan joked, referring to the American mixed martial arts promotion company Ultimate Fighting Championship. “Do you know what a problem that would be, if we had to have a certain amount of trans folks?”

Joe Rogan

Rogan jokes with his guests on a Wednesday episode of his podcast. (Spotify)

Rogan returned to his metaphor about martial arts tournaments, asking how well the UK would fare if it picked a fighter based upon their diversity-related characteristics rather than their skill, to fight professional boxer Francis Ngannou. He jokingly suggested the mentality would be, “Well it says the right move is to send in a non-binary woman because they don’t get represented in the UFC.”

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