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Jewish college students say they’re scared to go to class, blame universities for silence on antisemitism

As anti-Israel protests continue to erupt at colleges across the U.S., Jewish students are pushing back against universities allegedly turning a blind eye to antisemitism on their campuses.

“As soon as the terrorist attacks occurred, it became a hostile environment for Jewish students,” Julia Wax, a Georgetown University law student, told FOX News on Tuesday. 

“People are scared to go to class. You have to sit next to classmates who are posting antisemitic rhetoric, who are promoting rallies that spew antisemitic rhetoric. People are scared, and the universities are not doing their part, and they’re not stepping up, and they’re staying silent.”

Responding to the upheaval, Wax founded a Zionist group on campus to give Jewish students a place to go and to understand their heritage. One of her best friends is on the front lines of the conflict, she said, and the Jewish students at the university are all tied to the conflict in the Holy Land in some way.

Georgetown law student denounces anti-Israel protests: 'Our students don't feel safe' Video

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FOX News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

Taylor Penley is an associate editor with Fox News.


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