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Israeli speaks out after his brother-in-law was killed by Hamas: ‘Don’t think the media is doing a good job’

Israeli Idan Rakovsky spoke to Fox News Digital after his brother-in-law, Avidan Tordjman, was killed by Hamas members in the infamous October 7 attacks. He criticized international media — both left-wing and right-wing — for its treatment of the Israel-Hamas war. 

“How would the average American, or Canadian, or British, or French — doesn’t matter now — How would he or she respond to [an event] 20 times 9/11 in one day?” Rakovsky said of the October 7 attacks by Hamas that left at least 1,400 Israelis killed, with at least 199 others being taken hostage by Hamas into Gaza.

“That’s what we’re going through right now,” Rakovsky said, again comparing the shock and tragedy of the Hamas attacks on Israelis and other citizens at a festival on the Gaza-Israel border to 9/11. “So seeing the coverage outside of Israel is very, very hard,” he said. 


Fox News’ Kristine Parks, Brian Flood and Lawrence Richard contributed to this report. 

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