Friday, March 1, 2024
HomemediaImmigration is 'exposing' Democrats' policy as 'wrong and grossly inadequate:' Liberal columnist

Immigration is ‘exposing’ Democrats’ policy as ‘wrong and grossly inadequate:’ Liberal columnist

Liberal CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria trashed the Biden administration’s immigration policy Friday.

In a column, Zakaria argued that the Biden administration’s handling of the migrant surge, which he admitted now threatens major blue cities, is about as ineffective as “Band-Aids on a massive, open wound.”

Zakaria began his Friday column for The Post, titled “Democrats need to admit that they’re wrong on immigration,” with the acknowledgment that Democrats’ handling of immigration is so poor, it may cost them upcoming elections.

He wrote, “The Democrats are confronting a crisis that could cripple their chances at the polls at the national, state and local level. I’m talking about immigration. It’s happening not only because Republicans are taking advantage of the problem but also because Democrats are unwilling to accept that their policy ideas on the issue are wrong and grossly inadequate to the challenge at hand.”

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Gabriel Hays is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. 


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