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Haley: US ‘acting like it’s September 10’ amid ‘unholy alliance’ of Hamas, Russia, Iran and open border

The United States’ posture toward foreign threats, as an alliance of malign foreign actors is appearing to form, feels more like September 10, 2001, when most Americans couldn’t envision the major terror attacks that occurred the next morning, 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley told FOX News Thursday.

In that way, she said the U.S. government should see the Hamas invasion of Israel as “personal,” given the fact Americans were killed and some remain kidnapped by the Palestinian terror group.

“This is our fight. It became our fight when we had 33 Americans die there on that day [of the invasion], October 7th. It is our fight because they took hostages,” she said in an interview on “The Story,” adding that the pro-Hamas rallies stateside are a sickening sight.

She said Iran is funding the terroristic behavior of Hamas, and claimed Tehran is doing so in conjunction with its allies Russia and China.

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Former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said earlier on “The Story” that the Hamas invasion of his nation has indeed shown essentially a new Axis-and-Allies dynamic between pro-Israel, Western nations versus ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hamas.

“And unfortunately, we see what’s happening today in Iran, in Turkey, even in Russia. You know, the statements are made against us. So I think we should be strong and we should thank those who are standing with us,” he said.

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