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Haley calls for pro-Hamas protesters in US to be ID’d to warn future employers

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said most U.S. companies likely do not want to hire someone who proverbially links arms with a terrorist organization, telling FOX News that those who demonstrate with signs and chants in favor of Hamas should be publicly identified.

Haley said that as a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, she knows that most member nations believe Hamas is a terrorist organization, and that she believes the intergovernmental organization is a farce – and that the ideologically corrupt viewpoints expressed are similar to the reason why she wanted America to split from the World Health Organization during COVID.

“I expected this from the UN, you expect all kinds of ridiculous things at the UN. I fought this battle every day for two years. What I don’t expect is to see what’s happening in our cities and what’s happening on our college campuses, because these protests that we’re seeing,” she told “Hannity.”

“Are you telling me that these professors, these college students, they are supporting a terrorist organization?”

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Proffered the suggestion that the NATO alliance expel Turkey, Haley said that nation has been less and less a “true partner,” while host Sean Hannity claimed President Recep Erdogan is becoming increasingly radical.

Haley said that country has become more antisemitic in the wake of the Hamas invasion, as the Times of Israel reported signage above stores reading “Jews Not Allowed” while Erdogan has called Hamas “freedom fighters” and Israel a “war criminal.”

However, the foreign ministry in Ankara claimed the Turkish government has not been antisemitic, calling attacks on Erdogan “slander” and saying “Turkiye’s (sic) track record on this issue is spotless, unlike many countries that support Israel unconditionally today,” in a statement obtained by the Times of Israel.

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