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Former Israeli PM scolds CNN for echoing Hamas on hospital attack: ‘Do your job, not everything has two sides’

Israel’s former prime minister Natftali Bennett scolded the media for appearing to take sides in their reports on the Gaza hospital strike, while appearing on CNN on Wednesday. 

“There are no two sides to this hospital [attack]. Either it was bombed by Israel, or it was targeted by someone else on the Palestinian side,” Bennett said to host Anderson Cooper.

“If two people come and say — one says it’s raining outside and the other says it’s dry, you don’t bring the quotes of both sides. You just G–d—n  open the window and look whether it’s raining or not. That’s what we did and this hospital, in fact, it’s a parking lot, was hit definitely, 100% by Islamic Jihad barrage,” he bluntly remarked.

The Israeli politician said three different videos, from various angles, and ballistics confirmed that Israel was not responsible. He also said they had intercepted radio messages from two Hamas terrorists saying Islamic Jihad was responsible for the attack.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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