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Ex-NYT reporter blasts paper for spreading ‘modern-day blood libel’ following botched Gaza hospital coverage

The New York Times is being accused of “modern-day blood libel” by one of its former journalists after the Gray Lady botched its coverage of an explosion at a Gaza hospital by falsely attributing it to Israel. 

Alison Leigh Cowan, a reporter and deputy business editor who spent 27 years at the Times, penned a scathing piece in Commentary magazine calling out her former employer for “callously, and somewhat blithely committ[ing] at least two grave journalistic errors in relation to Israel and Gaza” in the past week, telling readers “its brazen self-assuredness and moral blindness in moments like these is breaking my heart.”

The first example she gave was the Times’ rehiring of freelance videographer Soliman Hijjy, who was exposed last year of repeatedly praising Hitler on social media. The Times defended its decision to have Hijjy cover the current Israel-Hamas war telling Fox News Digital, “We reviewed problematic social media posts by Mr. Hijjy when they first came to light in 2022 and took a variety of actions to ensure he understood our concerns and could adhere to our standards if he wished to do freelance work for us in the future. Mr. Hijjy followed those steps and has maintained high journalistic standards. He has delivered important and impartial work at great personal risk in Gaza during this conflict.”

Cowan knocked the Times’ response, “Translation: we need all hands on deck now, and if we had to pester people about everything they had posted online since they were ten or make them forswear Nazism and other noxious ideologies before we allowed them to help shape our news report, we might disappoint readers awaiting their daily fix of news. So, quit asking about how the sausage gets made, unless you want to see more recipes and word games filling out pages where there should be news.”

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