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Educators warn of antisemitic ‘outbreak’ on college campuses, denounce ‘tone deafness’ of faculty and students

Educators and Jewish leaders are sounding the alarm on an “outbreak” of antisemitism on college campuses and are speaking out against faculty and students who displayed a complete “lack of empathy” following the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has been tracking instances of antisemitism in the U.S. since 1979, reported over 100 antisemitic incidents in the United States since October 7.

The organization also said it received a sharp increase in complaints from college campuses during a conflict between Israel and Palestinian forces in May 2021 and again this month.

Speaking with Fox News Digital, Touro College and University System President Dr. Alan Kadish said Jewish students on college campuses over the past decade have felt an increase in antisemitism but, up until this point, have felt perhaps that it was manageable.

Cooper was also alarmed by social media posts and educators pushing the narrative of “Jew hatred” and denying crimes against humanity. He urged parents or interested family members to hit back on the rhetoric coming out of those schools, noting that many receive federal and state money. In his opinion, there has been a “poisoning of the well” at many of these schools, led by many “unindicted coconspirators.”

“The Hamas narrative is not about speech. It’s about action and about the ultimate acts of antisemitism. And yeah, they’re worse than the Nazis. The Nazis tried to hide it, and they’re livestreaming it,” he said.

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Nikolas Lanum is an associate editor for Fox News Digital.


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