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DeSantis calls out ‘weak-kneed Republicans’ afraid to offend, as some Democrats panic over migrant crisis

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis reacted Thursday to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ fervent alarm over the migrant crisis overtaking America’s largest city, suggesting that Adams and other Democrats are admitting Biden’s border policy is disastrous.

“All those liberal politicians that just [footage] showed there [are] articulating why you can’t have open borders. They’re doing in a way that may be a little bit more politically correct then than they should be. But they are articulating open borders is a disaster,” DeSantis said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

In his remarks, Adams referred to Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott as a “madman” for busing migrants from his overwhelmed state to the Big Apple’s sanctuary city.  DeSantis noted he too had contributed to sending migrants farther north when he helped transport a few dozen to the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

He also called out those in his own party who he said are afraid of offending liberal mainstream media reporters or other people with proverbial megaphones.

Kathy Hochul, Biden are continuing to incentivize illegal immigration: Nicole Malliotakis Video

She noted to “Your World” that Staten Island did not support Adams in the mayoral race, nor Gov. Kathy Hochul and that they are paying a higher effective-tax-rate than the four liberal boroughs despite supporting few of the city’s political policies. The borough is also the only one that collects a double-digit vehicle toll at each of its entry points.

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