Monday, April 22, 2024
HomemediaDemocrats preparing 'just-in-case scenarios' to 'succeed Biden' in 2024, Newsom and Whitmer...

Democrats preparing ‘just-in-case scenarios’ to ‘succeed Biden’ in 2024, Newsom and Whitmer among contenders

Major players in the Democratic Party are angling to “boost their national profiles” and prepare themselves for a presidential run in 2028, or even in 2024 if President Biden were to drop his re-election bid, according to a new Axios report.

“Democratic governors and senators are quietly moving to boost their national profiles and position themselves to run for president in 2028 — or in 2024, if President Biden unexpectedly drops out,” the outlet reported in a story published Thursday. “The ambitious, next-generation Democrats all support Biden’s re-election — but they’re drawing battle lines for the next race for the White House.”

Biden’s advanced age — he is already 80 years old and the oldest serving president in American history — have many Democratic Party heavyweights preparing to enter the 2024 race if the president was suddenly unable to run, according to the report, headlined, “Democrats quietly move to succeed Biden.”

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