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Democrat mayor spanked by drag queen wants to destroy police, prisons, claims Marxism is real ‘American Dream’

The mayor of Burbank, California, who recently made headlines for being spanked by a drag queen at a Democratic fundraiser, spoke to Fox News Digital about his “abolitionist” and “Marxist” ideology in an interview with FOX News Digital. 

Mayor Konstantine Anthony is currently running for Los Angeles County Supervisor where a big issue on the ballot is policing reform. Anthony not only supports defunding the police and restricting officers’ use of force in hostile scenarios along with other stringent measures, but also wants to work to create a future without police and prisons. 

When asked, “Do you support abolishing the police?” He replied, “Yes, I’m a full abolitionist,” meaning he supports a “policeless state.”

“I don’t believe police have any effect on crime… The instigators of crime are poverty, mental health, economic issues, drug addiction, the family or locale that you live in,” he said. 

The mayor made headlines after he attended a Saturday drag queen bingo event that was hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats. Shortly after the video went viral of the Democrat getting spanked by the drag queen, he changed his X name to “Mayor Spanky.” 

“Regardless of advertising, there were no children at the event,” he said in a statement. 

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Hannah Grossman is a Reporter at Fox News Digital.


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