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HomemediaDemocrat congressman condemns 'disgusting display' by media reporting on Gaza hospital blast

Democrat congressman condemns ‘disgusting display’ by media reporting on Gaza hospital blast

Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla., issued a scathing rebuke of the media following its “disgusting display” of reporting on the explosion at a hospital in Gaza this week

The Gaza Health Ministry initially reported that an Israeli airstrike was responsible for a blast at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza that they said killed hundreds of people on Tuesday. However, by Wednesday, the Israeli government determined that the explosion was caused by a rocket misfire from Islamic Jihad.

Moskowitz, along with Rep. Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., appeared on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Thursday where the Democrat attacked much of mainstream media initially reporting the Hamas-backed health ministry’s claims as fact.

“Here’s what I know, what I know, we saw a disgusting display of anti-Israel, anti-Zionism, and anti-Semitism from the international media around the world. They immediately took Hamas’s word for it, Hamas, a terrorist organization, who said something and ran with it. It caused riots around the world. It caused the president’s meetings to be canceled, but when Israel said it wasn’t true, they had to show satellite imagery, they had to show trajectory of the bomb, they had to explain the crater size, they had to show all sorts of audio intelligence, but Hamas, their word was taken seriously,” Moskowitz said.

“CNN did as well and I will tell you, it is wrong. It is wrong. We need to – when you are in war, you better make sure you have your facts. We cannot have Baghdad Bobs running around promulgating these lies. Especially members of Congress. So, it is imperative – it does matter. Facts matter here and we need to make sure that people understand, Israel did not attack a hospital. That was a terrorist organization that did that,” Lawler said.

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