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Death of the G-rated movie: Has 2023 marked the end of the family friendly film?

“The Wizard of Oz,” “Mary Poppins” and “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” are among timeless classics that have been seen and enjoyed by families across many generations. What do these films have in common? They’re all rated G. 

But despite their popularity in American culture, G-rated films are now virtually extinct.

According to, there are zero G-rated feature-length theatrically-released films from any major studio in 2023. Only two major studio G-rated features were released last year (Disney’s nature documentary “Bear Witness” and Apple’s animated film “Luck,” both for streaming). In 2019, the last full calendar year before COVID rocked the world, there were only three.

The database does cast a wide net as it includes short films, home releases and obscure films from smaller distributors. Under those metrics, there were just six G-rated films released in 2023. Go back 20 years to 2003, there were 36 G-rated films. Go back 50 years to 1973, a whopping 121.

“I am in the midst right now of putting together my best movies of the year list, and I cannot find a single one that we have rated for under five or six years old this year,” Betsy Bozdech told Fox News Digital. 


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