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HomemediaClaim that Speaker Johnson lives paycheck to paycheck makes him relatable, say...

Claim that Speaker Johnson lives paycheck to paycheck makes him relatable, say defenders

Some Americans rallied behind House Speaker Mike Johnson on Wednesday after a report nitpicked his personal finances and put a harsh spotlight on the possibility that he lives paycheck to paycheck. 

The Daily Beast published a report headlined, “Does New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson Have a Bank Account?,” which featured a subhead that said he “has never listed a bank account on his financial disclosure. In fact, on his newest disclosure he doesn’t list a single asset at all.”

“Over the course of seven years, Johnson has never reported a checking or savings account in his name, nor in the name of his wife or any of his children, disclosures show. In fact, he doesn’t appear to have money stashed in any investments, with his latest filing — covering 2022 — showing no assets whatsoever,” Daily Beast senior political reporter Roger Sollenberger wrote. 

“Of course, it’s unlikely Johnson doesn’t actually have a bank account,” Sollenberger continued. “What’s more likely is Johnson lives paycheck to paycheck — so much so that he doesn’t have enough money in his bank account to trigger the checking account disclosure rules for members of Congress.”

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