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HomemediaChicago struggles to house waves of migrants as freezing temperatures hit city

Chicago struggles to house waves of migrants as freezing temperatures hit city

As the migrant crisis continues, some recent arrivals faced a rude awakening on Tuesday morning as freezing temperatures hit Chicago.

“Thousands of migrants sleeping at police stations woke up to freezing cold conditions on Halloween morning as city officials, volunteers and faith-based organizations scrambled to find warmth Tuesday for a population, mostly from Venezuela, that has never experienced cold,” The Chicago Tribune reported on Tuesday. “Temperatures plummeted overnight to a low of 30 degrees at O’Hare International Airport, said the National Weather Service, and safety networks stepped in to react to emergencies brought on by the cold.”

City officials say the Windy City has accepted more than 19,000 migrants since August 2022, but they are not the only ones who will need assistance during the winter. There are over 68,000 Chicagoans experiencing homelessness, according to a recent study, the city says.

Migrants are sleeping in conditions ranging from the interior of police stations to living in makeshift cardboard houses on the street.

Chicago tent city

Jose Antonio Hernandez, a Venezuelan migrant and barber, cuts the hair of fellow migrant Francisco Ramos at an encampment outside the 2nd District Chicago police station on Oct. 17, 2023. ((Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images))

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Pilar Arias contributed to this report.

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