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Celebrity chef Tyler Florence plans to open cafés in San Francisco to battle ‘crime’: ‘Can’t live like this’

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence has announced his plans to open two cafés in Union Square, a neighborhood in the center of San Francisco, to help combat “crime” and hopelessness in the city, according to a report.

“I think people need to just look in the mirror every day and realize that we can’t live like this any longer, with the crime, car vandalizing, theft and robbery,” Florence told CBS News Bay Area. “I think on the other side of the coin is the positivity in the city.” 

“We want this to be a cultural impact, make a big difference in the city of San Francisco, and really even from a citizen’s standpoint, lean in,” the chef, who is also a Food Network host, said. “We can’t complain about it, we can’t point fingers. I think it’s everyone’s collective responsibility — pick a neighborhood.”

Fox News’ Hanna Panreck and Taylor Penley contributed to this report. 

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