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California judge suggests some parents pose ‘danger’ to trans students after blocking notification policy

A California judge suggested some parents posed a “clear and present danger” to LGBTQ students in a ruling Wednesday against a Southern California school district.

San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Thomas S. Garza blocked a Chino Valley Unified School District’s newly passed parental notification policy, which required staff to inform parents if a student identified as transgender. The temporary restraining order was issued in response to California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit against the district over the notification policy.

During the hearing, the judge reportedly compared students changing gender to changing their religion.

“Let’s say that a student were raised under one religion, then decides to change that religion on their own, at whatever age,” Garza said according to The Washington Free Beacon. “With that in mind, whatever the class of protected students are, students are students. Whatever makeup that they comprise, it strikes me that you are singling out a group that is exposed to a clear and present danger.”

Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education President Sonja Shaw blasted the judge’s decision in a statement to Fox News Digital, calling opponents “government bullies.”

She also criticized the attorney general for claiming the policy doesn’t protect children from being abused. 

Chino Valley Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Norm Enfield, left, and President Sonja Shaw listen to a speaker talking about the parental notification policy. (Will Lester/MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin via Getty Images)

“Bonta does not get to talk to us regarding our policies and procedures,” she remarked. “He continues to distort the truth, and muddy the waters so everyone gets confused. Our administration regulations spell this out and he knows that. When a child wants to change their records etc., admin will ask them if their parents know. If the student says they are in danger, then right there before any harm is done as mandated reporters they are required to take action.”

“Parents have a right to come to the classroom, pull records, ask questions, and be actively engaged in their child’s education,” Shaw added. “Bonta’s solution is to sanitize secret keeping. He is doubling down on a child’s mental health issues by encouraging an identity at home and one at school. Bonta is a direct danger to our children.”

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