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HomemediaBill Maher lectures liberal media on mocking Trump base: ‘There is a...

Bill Maher lectures liberal media on mocking Trump base: ‘There is a lot of crazy on the left’

Bill Maher scolded an MSNBC host who called Trump supporters at odds with “reality,” retorting, “There’s a lot of crazy on the left” too.

The liberal comedian was a guest on MSNBC’s “The Beat With Ari Melber,” Wednesday, when Melber commented on the differences in reactions between Trump’s base and “normal, reality-adjusted” persons to the Georgia election interference hearings against Donald Trump.

Maher pushed back against Melber’s dig at the former president’s supporters. “I got to stop you and say, I don’t think this helps, the media world that we live in, where we sit here and everybody else is just a deplorable who’s – reality challenged,” he responded.

The liberal host defended himself, saying he didn’t call anyone “deplorable,” but argued there was a difference between those “against sedition” and those who weren’t.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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