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Bill Maher hypes Nikki Haley as a viable alternative to Trump: ‘She’s having a moment’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher is hyping Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley as a viable alternative to former President Trump in the GOP primary. 

During Friday’s panel discussion, Maher gave props to President Biden and the former U.N. ambassador on the Republican side as being effective communicators when it comes to defending Israel against pro-Hamas sympathizers in the country. 

“I want to ask about this Nikki Haley thing because she’s having a moment,” Maher said. “I feel like something is coalescing around her being the anti-Trump- that if there was ever a chance for an indoor Republican, a paper-trained Republican.”


“Why run against Trump?” Maher asked. “You’re trying to thread this needle that will never happen. You can’t disavow him because that’s the base, and yet you’re running against him. And that’s why, I mean, let’s face it Ron, if the campaign was going well, you wouldn’t be on this show.”

“Oh that’s not true,” DeSantis reacted. “One: I don’t think he can win the election. I could win the election. Two: I don’t think he could actually get the job done that we need to do, For example, COVID. I think we need accountability for what this government did to this country with the COVID restrictions mandates and lockdowns. Donald Trump is not gonna do that… He’s not going to clean house at CDC, NIH, FDA. I will do that. I will get the job done.” 

Haley has seen a bump in the polls since the first two Republican debates. The latest Fox News national poll has her at 10%, just three points behind DeSantis but both far behind Trump, who maintains his commanding lead with 59% support among primary voters. 

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