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HomemediaBiden staff abruptly end press conference while Biden is answering questions

Biden staff abruptly end press conference while Biden is answering questions

President Biden’s press conference abruptly ended on Sunday after a member of his team appeared to announce the end of questions while the president was still speaking to reporters. 

The president delivered remarks in Hanoi, Vietnam following the G20 summit in New Delhi, India.

While the president was answering a question, someone was heard speaking over the president, saying, “thank you everybody,” before ending the press conference. 

The president also said thank you before he started wandering off-stage. CNN reported Sunday that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was the one who ended the president’s remarks.

President Biden speaking

President Biden’s press conference ended abruptly on Sunday while the president was still responding to reporters.  (Fox News)

“Well, there’s a lot of lying, dog-faced pony soldiers out there about — about global warming, but not anymore. All of a sudden, they’re all realizing it’s a problem. And there’s nothing like seeing the light,” he said while answering a question about there being no agreement at the G20 Summit with regard to fossil fuels. 

A White House official defended President Biden saying he “substantively answered questions” from several reporters during the press conference. 

“The President substantively answered questions from 7 reporters. This is a distraction, and it would do your readers a good service to dive into his answers on China, relations with Indo-Pacific countries, human rights and climate change instead,” the official said. 

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Hanna Panreck is an associate editor at Fox News.


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