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HomemediaBBC announces policy change after backlash, will now label Hamas 'terrorist organization'

BBC announces policy change after backlash, will now label Hamas ‘terrorist organization’

Hamas will now be referred to as a “proscribed terrorist organization” by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) after it was reported that it wouldn’t refero to Hamas as “terrorists” in its coverage. 

Following Hamas’ invasion of Israel on October 7, the BBC repeatedly referred to the organization as “freedom fighters,” “gunmen” or “militants” rather than terrorists. As the situation escalated into a war, viewers became increasingly frustrated with the news organization’s refusal to use the term “terrorists,” particularly after reports of Hamas’ brutal actions against civilians.

Although the BBC originally defended its decision, the Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote in a press release on Friday that BBC Director General Tim Davie has since agreed on a change. 

BBC entrance

The BBC previously referred to Hamas as “militants” or “gunmen.” (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

“The BBC confirmed it was committed to continued dialogue. It also confirmed it is no longer BBC practice to call Hamas militants. Instead, the BBC describes the group as a proscribed terrorist organisation by the UK government and others, or simply as Hamas,” the press release said.

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