Monday, May 27, 2024
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Battle for parents to be notified if child changes gender identity at school is just beginning, advocate says

A California judge last week blocked Chino Valley Unified School District’s newly passed parental notification policy, which required staff to inform parents if a student identified as transgender, but a prominent parental rights advocate doesn’t plan to back down anytime soon. 

“This is the parental rights fight of our time,” Capitol Resource Institute president Karen England told Fox News Digital.

San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Thomas S. Garza even suggested that some parents posed a “clear and present danger” to LGBTQ students in his ruling against the Southern California school district.

“We are a pro-family public policy organization, and I am one of the co-leaders of the Parental Rights Coalition that has been working to get local school boards to have policies that include parents in them,” England said. 

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