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HomemediaAlarming new trend is emerging as younger Americans eschew alcohol on dates,...

Alarming new trend is emerging as younger Americans eschew alcohol on dates, go more for cannabis

Gen Z Americans are drinking less than previous generations and skipping alcoholic beverages on dates. Still, researchers warn the age group is compensating with cannabis, which in excess could lead to serious health complications.

A report from Berenberg Research found that Gen Z respondents were drinking over 20% less per capita than millennials did at the same age. Furthermore, 64% of Gen Z respondents anticipated that they would drink alcohol less frequently when they grew older versus today’s older generations.

Gen Z respondents also said they drank less because of health and hangover-related concerns as well as the fear of being judged by peers or parents, according to Berenberg researchers.

Sam Shaw, a strategy director at the behavioral insights firm Canvas8, said his company has recently explored the “sober-curious trend” among Gen Z, also known as “damp drinking.”

While the overall alcohol use consumption among Gen Z has declined, Scioli noted that the rate of young people in need of serious intervention remains steadfast.

“Of those patients who present to residential treatment, we have noticed a pretty significant and scary trend of women coming in younger and sicker and requiring significant medical intervention long term, including liver transplants,” he added.

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