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HomemediaActress Julianna Margulies slams Hollywood's 'deafening silence' on antisemitism: 'Insane to me'

Actress Julianna Margulies slams Hollywood’s ‘deafening silence’ on antisemitism: ‘Insane to me’

“The Morning Show” star Julianna Margulies blasted Hollywood for not speaking out enough on antisemitism in the wake of Hamas’ deadly terrorist attack against Israel earlier this month.

The Emmy award-winning actress made the comments during an interview at Variety’s Hollywood & Antisemitism Summit this week, calling the lack of outspokenness in her industry against Jewish hate “disheartening.”

Interviewer Claudia Eller prompted Margulies at the event, asking, “Why is there such a deafening silence from Hollywood? Why do you think – from Hollywood at large?”

“I’ve been asking that question,” Margulies replied. “I’ve been trying to get past feeling so disheartened by it, to try and understand and work around why every single person in our industry isn’t standing up.”

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