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’45 or more’ kids in DC routinely steal from CVS, then ‘stomp on’ food and beverages as shelves remain empty

A group of roughly 45 kids routinely ransack a CVS in Washington, D.C., with many thieves taking the food and beverages and stomping on them, according to a Fox 5 report. 

“When you walk into this CVS, you’d think the store is closing because there’s barely anything on the shelves,” Fox 5 reporter Sierra Fox said of a CVS in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of D.C. “In fact, the only items in stock are the ones that are locked up. I did ask an employee what gets stolen the most, and they just laughed and said ‘everything.’” 

“A big group of kids, like 45 or more, walk in before school, after school and late at night to steal chips and drinks,” Fox 5 reported Tuesday. “They even throw the food and beverages on the ground and stomp on them, leaving behind a big mess.” 

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Jeffrey Clark is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. He has previously served as a speechwriter for a cabinet secretary and as a Fulbright teacher in South Korea. Jeffrey graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 with a degree in English and History. 

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