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HomelifestyleWorld's oldest dog Bobi dies at 31

World’s oldest dog Bobi dies at 31

Bobi, the purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo from Portugal who was the world’s oldest dog, has passed away at the age of 31. 

Guinness World Records says Bobi died Saturday at his home in Conqueiros, Portugal, after living for 31 years and 165 days. 

The organization cited Bobi’s owner, Leonel Costa, as saying that he was never tied up or leashed during his life and as he got older, spent most of his time in the backyard of his property hanging out with cats. 

Costa also said Bobi exclusively ate human food that was watered down before serving in order to remove seasonings, according to Guinness World Records. 


Guinness World Records reportedly received evidence of Bobi’s age two weeks after the publication announced Spike’s title as the world’s oldest living dog. 

Fox News’ Cortney Moore contributed to this report. 

Greg Norman is a reporter at Fox News Digital.


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