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Watch man’s hilarious reaction to finding large NYC rat walking on hood of car: ‘Don’t know where it went’

A man heading to an upstate New York wedding was in need of ‘road-dent insurance’ after finding that a large city rat had hitched a ride on his BMW car.

Kevin Coop’s viral social media video caught his hilarious reaction to finding the rat that had made its way from the busy streets of Brooklyn to a quiet upstate New York road. Coop took the hilarious video while in Roscoe, New York, which is approximately two hours from New York City.

“I just got way upstate, and I brought a f—ing rat with me from Brooklyn,” Coop said in the video.


Kevin Coop was driving from Brooklyn, New York to the upstate when he spotted a stowaway.  (Kevin Coop/IG@MisterCoop/AMAZING ANIMALS+ /TMX )


The rat was captured scurrying up Kevin Coop’s car. (Kevin Coop/IG@MisterCoop/AMAZING ANIMALS+ /TMX )

In the video, the hood riding rat is seen scampering up the hood of Coop’s car before burying itself between the car’s window shield. 

In April, Adam’s appointed Kathleen Corradi as New York City’s first director of rodent mitigation, also referred to as a “rat czar.” 

The job description called for someone who is “somewhat bloodthirsty” and committed to “wholesale slaughter” of the disease-ridden rodents.

Fox News’ Jon Brown contributed to this report.

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