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War and kids: What to say and not say, and how to handle tough questions

As parents and caregivers across America strive to keep an even keel in their households no matter what is going on in the outside world, many wonder how, if at all, they should talk to their children about the war that’s gripped Israel since Oct. 7.

Fox News Digital reached out to Dr. Meg Meeker, a Minnesota-based pediatrician, author and creator of the “Parenting Great Kids” podcast, for advice and counsel.

Today, amid the war in Israel, is a time to “keep kids calm,” advised the doctor, who is also a mother herself.

She added, “Do not say to your kids, ‘Life is really hard and you need to realize that bad people come here and may try to kill you or your friends at school.’ This is wrong for two reasons: It’s highly unlikely that this will happen and you’re scaring your child needlessly — and there isn’t one thing that your child can do about it!”

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