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Virginia mom who faced pushback for ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at school board meeting speaks up: ‘Had no fear’

The power of prayer vs. the authority of government came to a clash a few weeks ago when community members in Suffolk County, Virginia, began praying “The Lord’s Prayer” together in unison during a contentious school board meeting.

It was local parent Dacia Smith who instigated the almost instantaneous reciting of the cornerstone prayer of Christianity, even while board chair Tyron Riddick called for police to clear the room.

Smith told Fox News, “The spirit in me just said, ‘Oh, no, I will not be squashed out.’ And I thought, ‘OK, then give me the words.’ And I got on my feet and out came ‘The Lord’s Prayer,'” she said.

Tonight, Sept. 21st, the Suffolk County School Board is meeting again to discuss Gov. Youngkin’s policies. 

Kilgore will be there … armed only with the power of prayer.

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