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15 tips to prepare for the perfect marriage proposal

“Will you marry me?” 

These four words make up one of the most important questions posed in a lifetime.

If you’re ready to get down on one knee and propose marriage to your partner, you’ll likely want to prepare ahead of time for the milestone. 

You’ll probably want to avoid reading from a piece of paper or a phone note, though. Be as present as possible and practice ahead of time. 

Feel free to recite your speech as many times as you need to feel comfortable.

8. Plan a post-proposal celebration

After the proposal happens, there are many ways you can choose to celebrate. Plan according to what is the most fitting for you and your partner.

You could spend the evening keeping your news a secret, going to dinner together and telling everyone tomorrow. You could plan a post-proposal engagement party with family and friends at someone’s home or a venue. 

You could pop a bottle of celebratory champagne with just your parents or pets. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate your engagement in the moment is solely up to you. 

Wedding reception with champagne and canapes on table.

A post-engagement celebration can range from a glass of champagne with your partner to a party with your family.  (iStock)

9. Keep the ring safe

Make sure to keep that ring safe and out of sight from your partner between the time you purchase it to when you propose.

The longer you have the ring, the more likely it is your partner will find it. 

Keep it with your parents or in a super safe place they won’t think to look. Sometimes partners may get a little suspicious that a proposal is coming and look around for a ring.

10. Be prepared with a cover story

Be prepared to answer any and all questions that may arise on proposal day. If you’re behaving unusually, your partner may suspect something.

Try to make the day as normal as possible, so as not to ruin the surprise — and be prepared with a cover story in the event that suspicions do arise.

11. Be flexible

You want this day to go perfectly, of course, but life isn’t perfect and things may not go exactly as planned.

Don’t let a little rain, an early sunrise or a mini hiccup ruin your proposal. Your partner is going to be happy to be at that moment with you, so if there is a little drizzle, it’s more than likely neither of you will even notice it. 

And if you do, it may make for an even better story.

12. Wear the proper attire while keeping the surprise intact

If your partner has always hoped to be in white when proposed to, this may be more difficult to plan without getting caught. 

Suggesting an outfit the day or evening of may not go over so well. If they simply hope to look well put together, choose a day you know they will be dressed and ready to go. 

Or pretend you have an upcoming event to ensure they’re dressed accordingly. 

Then, you can coordinate your own attire without ruining the surprise. 

Wedding rings

Remember that there are no rules for proposals and weddings. It’s up to you and your partner to create your own unique experience.  (iStock)

13. Remember, there are no rules to a proposal

Each couple’s story is special and personalized to their love and taste.

There is no right or wrong way to propose. Whether you get engaged on an intimate beach vacation or on the ski lift where the two of you first crossed paths, it will be a day you remember forever. Don’t worry about what other friends have done in the past, or how someone encourages you to propose. 

If it doesn’t suit your relationship, it might not be for you. Go with your gut and pop the question the way you want to do so.

14. Enjoy the post-engagement debrief

After the proposal happens, take time with your partner to discuss all the details that went into the day. 


Couples often enjoy talking about all the little hints they missed or how the conversation with the parents went. Remember, your partner has been totally out of the loop, so let them in on the fun secrets you’ve been keeping to make the day so successful.

15. Enjoy the engagement before planning the wedding

Once the proposal happens, many excited soon-to-be brides want to jump right into wedding planning. 

Though it can be tempting to go straight into planning mode, take some time to enjoy the engagement and one another. The engagement is a chapter in itself, so take your time planning and enjoy the bliss of being a fiancé together.

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