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Skinny sumo wrestlers? Height and weight requirements are dropped by sport’s governing body

Good news for any aspiring sumo wrestlers who are on the shorter side: height and weight no longer matter. 

The Japan Sumo Association announced in late September that potential sumo wrestlers would no longer have to meet the minimum height requirements of 167 centimeters (about 5’6) and weight requirements of 67 kilograms (about 147 pounds). 

Instead of height and weight requirements, aspiring rikishi — or wrestlers — must pass a physical fitness exam. 

In 2011, the head of the Japan Sumo Association confirmed that at least 13 senior wrestlers had been involved in match fixing — and the sport has long dealt with issues related to organized crime and illegal gambling, said the BBC. 

The sport has also been plagued by allegations of bullying, assault and harassment in its stables by older wrestlers, said the same source. 

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Christine Rousselle is a lifestyle reporter with Fox News Digital.


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