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Should adults order off the kids’ menu? Some tout the health and budget benefits

Ordering from the kids’ menu apparently isn’t just for kids anymore.

Some adults on social media have been hopping on the trend of choosing dishes from the children’s menu at restaurants to save money and reduce portion sizes.

In recent videos, TikTok users have been showing off their kiddie meals and claiming the dishes include a fair amount of food for less than half the price.

As to how some of the restaurants noted above react to adults ordering from children’s menus, a recent piece on the topic in The Washington Post noted that “even if a menu states that it’s for kids — and some specify that means 12 or under — few restaurants will enforce it.” 

Also, some restaurants apparently see the trend as a boon for business. 

Fox News Digital reached out to the restaurants mentioned in the piece for comment.

Angelica Stabile is a lifestyle writer for Fox News Digital.


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