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Northern Lights: Here are the best tips to help you spot the stunning display in the US and abroad

This winter, head north and bring your warm hat and mittens with you as you watch the stunning Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, vividly light up the sky.

The display is expected to be even stronger and brighter than it has been in the past because of the sun’s recent activity.

“Recent observations of sunspots, a measure of how active the sun is, show a dramatic increase from this time last year, and we are approaching the expected peak of the 11-year solar cycle in 2024 or 2025,” New Scientist reported.

“The full moon will also diminish the apparent brightness of the aurora (not the actual brightness),” the SWPC continued.


northern lights//aurora borealis split

Here are the best places to see the dancing lights that shine in the sky during the upcoming season — and a few helpful tips to maximize your experience. (Zhang Cheng/Xinhua via Getty/iStock)

The Northern Lights are usually on full display from September to March or April, but the best time to see the lights are in the late evening or early morning.

“Best aurora is usually within an hour or two of midnight (between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. local time),” the SWPC reported.

“There may be aurora in the evening and morning, but it is usually not as active and therefore, not as visually appealing.”

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