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Homelifestyle'Noisy' cat sets new Guinness World Record for loudest purr

‘Noisy’ cat sets new Guinness World Record for loudest purr

A 14-year-old mixed-breed cat appears to have no problem being heard after setting a new world record.

Bella has been given the title of “world’s loudest purr by a domestic cat (living),” according to a recent press release issued by Guinness World Records (GWR).

Bella’s purr measured 54.49 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a tea kettle boiling and close to the sound of a standard washing machine, GWR stated in its news release titled, “‘My cat purrs louder than the TV’: Noisy Bella claims loudest purr record.”

In 2011, Smokey “was recorded purring at the astounding noise level of 67.8 dB, a full 13.21 louder than Bella,” according to GWR.

“Four years later, she was equaled by Merlin, owned by Tracy Westwood in Devon, U.K. — and they are still record co-holders to this day.”

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Sydney Borchers is a lifestyle production assistant with Fox News Digital. 


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