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New Guinness World Record spiciest pepper, ‘Pepper X,’ is 3 times as spicy as ‘Carolina Reaper’

The Guinness World Records title of “hottest chili pepper” has been awarded to “Pepper X,” which clocks in 2,693,000 Scoville heat units (SHU), the publication announced in a press release on Oct. 16.

Pepper X is a specially crossbred pepper created by Ed Currie, owner of PuckerButt Pepper Co. in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and his “Carolina Reaper” pepper that previously held the world record for hottest chili pepper.

The Carolina Reaper had an average 1,640,000 SHU. As the Scoville scale is logarithmic, that means that Pepper X is about three times as spicy as the Carolina Reaper.

He also hinted that an even spicier pepper may be in the works.

“Is this the pinnacle?” Currie told the Associated Press with regard to Pepper X. “No, it’s not the pinnacle.”

The Associated Press contributed reporting.

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Christine Rousselle is a lifestyle reporter with Fox News Digital.


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