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HomelifestyleMissing shipwreck found after 128 years thanks to invasive species of mussels

Missing shipwreck found after 128 years thanks to invasive species of mussels

While producing a documentary about a mussel species in the Great Lakes, two filmmakers discovered a shipwreck that went missing 128 years ago.

Yvonne Drebert and Zach Melnick were in the process of filming the invasive quagga mussel in Lake Huron when they stumbled upon the Africa, a steamship that went missing in October 1895 while carrying coal from Ohio to Ontario, Fox Weather reported.

The Africa vanished after one night “on the turbulent and wind-whipped waters of Lake Huron,” the news site continued. 

“These organisms clog water intake structures (e.g., pipes and screens), which greatly increases maintenance costs for water treatment and power plants,” the organization adds on its website. 

“Recreational activities on lakes and rivers are adversely affected as mussels accumulate on docks, buoys, boat hulls, anchors and beaches can become heavily encrusted.”

“Interestingly, invasions by quagga and zebra mussels have been documented as having some positive affects on receiving ecosystems. For example, filtration of water by mussels as they extract food removes particulate matter. This filtration has improved water clarity, and reduced the eutrophication of polluted lakes.”

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Sydney Borchers is a lifestyle production assistant with Fox News Digital. 


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