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‘It’s a big lie’: Max Lucado, pastor and author, admits the startling truth about those who appear ‘perfect’

Speaking by phone to Fox News Digital just as his newest book was published, Pastor Max Lucado of Texas revealed that some of the strongest and most successful people today in any field or endeavor are those who admit their faults and failings — because “we are all saved by the same grace. We are all loved by the same God.”

Lucado’s latest book, “God Never Gives Up on You,” takes readers through an understanding of strength through weakness, of dignity through a deliberate decision to admit imperfections and to seek understanding and renewal.

It’s very hard for many people to go down that path — for reasons of pride, insecurity, immaturity, a lack of self-awareness and more, he acknowledged. But Lucado stressed the gift of healing that’s available.

Their peer groups ar probably not urging them to practice a certain level of morality and spirituality. But once they own it — they become disciples. They take it seriously.

So overall, I’m terribly concerned. And if the Lord carries, we’ll have another revival. 

And maybe it’s time to let our faith become more authentic.

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Maureen Mackey is managing editor of lifestyle for Fox News Digital.


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