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COVID-19, flu and RSV vaccines are all available this fall: See what some doctors recommend and why

Ever since Americans endured a pandemic, the usual suspects during flu season now include the COVID-19 virus and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

“As we are heading into cold and flu season, there is significant concern for another ‘tripledemic’ with COVID, flu and RSV positivity rising at the same time,” Dr. Katherine Baumgarten, medical director of infection control and prevention for Ochsner Health in New Orleans, Louisiana, told Fox News Digital.

But the possibility of a “tripledemic” may be blunted by an arsenal of vaccines to fight each one for the first time this winter.

“I think that a certain percentage of patients should be getting the combination of all three vaccines, COVID, flu, and RSV — and that if there is no alternative, it is acceptable to get them all at the same time,” Glatt told Fox News Digital. 

“That might increase local side effects and possibly even other side effects — but one has to weigh that against the likelihood of them not getting vaccinated at all if you separate them over time,” he said. 


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