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Ohio boy found comfort in Legos, YouTube videos during yearslong treatment for leukemia

A cancer diagnosis for a child can be extremely difficult and feel unbearable to a family. 

When a young child receives a diagnosis, families must navigate how to tell the child and other family members, plus handle treatment options and care for themselves and their child.

Having an age-appropriate conversation about the child’s diagnosis could present challenges, especially as it’s not a discussion a parent ever anticipates having. However, some parents find it more advantageous to be honest with their children, no matter their age.

“For us, we were very honest with him, and we always took that approach,” Jessica Gaskell told Fox News Digital. 


Sitting still for treatment, especially for young children, may present challenges. Talk with doctors and nurses about whether the children can move around at all. If not, get an understanding for how other parents have kept their children still during treatment.

Gaskell credits the doctors and nurses at Akron Children’s for some days being made a little less terrible.

“If they did get a spare minute, they would sit there and talk to us,” she said.

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