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Cedar Point announces ‘Top Thrill 2,’ a record-setting roller coaster: ‘Boldest and most advanced’

Cedar Point announced “Top Thrill 2,” its record-breaking replacement of Top Thrill Dragster, on August 1. 

Top Thrill 2 will open in 2024, said Cedar Point, and will be “the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata roller coaster.” 

Cedar Point is located in Sandsusky, Ohio.

“With its three distinct launches, increased ride time of nearly two minutes and its second vertical tower, Top Thrill 2 will make its mark on roller coaster history and redefine the famous Cedar Point skyline,” said Cedar Point in a press release announcing Top Thrill 2. 

“In addition to being the home of the world’s first roller coasters over 200 feet tall (the Magnum XL-200 hyper coaster), over 300 feet tall (the Millennium Force giga coaster) and over 400 feet tall (the former Top Thrill Dragster strata coaster), Cedar Point is now home to the world’s first and only reimagined strata coaster,” said the company. 

The Cedar Fair, parent company of Cedar Point, operates 17 amusement and water park locations across the United States and Canada. 

Christine Rousselle is a lifestyle reporter with Fox News Digital.


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