Libby Murdaugh, mother of convicted killer Alex, dies in hospice

Elizabeth “Libby” Murdaugh, the mother of Alex Murdaugh who played an important part in her son’s adamant denials that he killed his wife and son, has died.

Libby Murdaugh was in hospice care Tuesday when she died, according to Peeples-Rhoden Funeral Home in Hampton County. She was a librarian and teacher in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Libby Murdaugh had been in declining health for years with dementia. Her son had just visited her in June 2021 when he arrived back to his home about 11 miles away and, according to his 911 call, found Maggie and Paul Murdaugh shot to death outside.


Mobile phone data showed Alex Murdaugh was telling the truth about where he went, although he appeared to overestimate the time he spent there.

Alex Murdaugh is led into Colleton County courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina on Monday, January 30, 2023. (Mark Sims for Fox News Digital )

But a video — taken by his son just minutes before he and his mother’s cellphones were never used again — showed Alex Murdaugh was with them and prosecutors convinced a jury that Murdaugh had enough time to kill them, clean up evidence and get to his mother’s house and back.

Libby Murdaugh’s health didn’t allow her to testify at her son’s trial last year. Alex Murdaugh is serving two life sentences after being convicted of two counts of murder.

Libby Murdaugh was married to former Solicitor Randolph Murdaugh III for 60 years. The elected prosecutor along with his father and grandfather oversaw criminal cases in Hampton County and surrounding areas for nearly nine decades.

The night of the killings, Randolph Murdaugh III was in the hospital. He died three days later.

Shelley Smith, who spent four years taking care of the older Murdaughs in their home, testified at the murder trail that they were great people and like her own family.

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