Latino voters scoff at CBS News reporter asking if Trump's a threat to democracy: 'Don't buy that argument'

Latino voters rejected the accusation that former President Donald Trump is a “threat to democracy” in a recent interview with CBS News, telling network reporter Weijia Jiang they’re “not buying” the line that “democracy is on the ballot in 2024.”

Three Hispanic Arizona residents spoke to Jiang for a segment that aired on “CBS Evening News” on Wednesday, telling her they don’t believe the Trump “threat” a bit and think the media and Democratic Party are “using it to death.”

The notable moment came when Jiang said to the three voters, “President Biden has called Trump a threat to democracy and made it a central part of his campaign. Is democracy on the ballot in 2024?”


Latino voters tell CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang they don’t buy that former President Trump is a “threat to democracy.”

All three smiled as soon as the question was asked, and one even began laughing at it.

Republican business owner Steve Macias, replied, “I don’t buy that argument.”

The one who was laughing, independent voter Raquel Glowden, chimed in, saying, “I don’t, either.”

Macias continued: “I mean, to me now, that’s just another talking point. Every time I hear it, I just kind of tune it out.”

“I know,” Glowden added.

Ripping the talking point even further, Macias said, “It’s something that, you know, some focus group came up with, and now they’re just using it to death.”

Glowden accused the media and the Democratic Party of not even understanding what democracy means.She said, “I really don’t think they understand what democracy is when they say that. You know,the fact that there is a ballot is democracy.”


Latino voter Steve Macias describes the line that Trump is a “threat to democracy” as a talking point he tunes out. (CBS News screenshot)

Earlier in the segment, Jiang asked the Latino voters whether they believe President Biden has done enough during his term to maintain his support from the Latino community.

Macias declared, “I think his Latino numbers will go down,” while Glowden trashed Vice President Harris’ performance as border czar.

“He put his vice president in charge of the border czar, and then what happened? She just disappeared. So does he really care about it?” she asked.

New polls have shown that former President Trump has made major inroads with Latino voters since the 2020 election, when Biden won by over 20 points in that demographic.

Now Trump is leading, with 46% of Hispanics saying they would vote for him compared to 40% going for Biden.

Gabriel Hays is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. 

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