JESSE WATTERS: Trump's visit to the South Bronx is driving the elites crazy

Fox News host Jesse Watters pulls the curtain on the “political uprising” being seen across the nation as former President Trump appears to be ahead of President Biden in several 2024 polls on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: What you’re watching is a political uprising in this country against a class of people who have done nothing but talk down to you if they talk to you at all. It’s what our Founding Fathers would call democracy, the elites’ favorite word. But when the elites say democracy, [Martin] Gurri says what they mean is their democracy. Democracy only exists when they’re in power.

The elites are so disgusted and threatened by populism they don’t even dare debate it. It’s to be exterminated from the political landscape. Populism must be criminalized. That’s why they’re using the judicial system to stuff Trump in a refrigerator, keep him on ice before they try to throw him in jail. So when he pops up in the South Bronx tomorrow night, it’s going to drive them crazy.

AOC admitted lawfare as an ankle bracelet to keep Trump away from “normies,” his connection is too powerful. There’s no way AOC could get anywhere near the crowd Trump could get in the Bronx, and that’s her district. She’s humiliated that the Bronx wants him there, and he wants to be in the Bronx. Gurri says the elites “can sense impending” danger: “The aggressive moralizing, the embrace of bizarre ideology, the trampling of the norms–all of it is a function of panic.” Democrats have lost the normie vote. All they have is scare tactics.

Jesse Watters: All the people charging Trump with crimes are committing them Video

This article was written by Fox News staff.

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